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Haining DE Sun-shading Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Yanguan Industrial Park in Haining, a world-famous tide-watching resort and the leather capital of China. It was established in 2010 and was once named Tongxiang Dama Zhengxian Coating Factory. Today, it is a high-tech curtain manufacturing enterprise dedicated to the production and development of coatings of textile fabrics, roller blinds, Roman blinds and soft curtains, with the purpose of becoming a leading high-tech...

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Coated sunshade curtains-are coated sunshade curtains harmful to health

We are no stranger to curtains, now, there are many curtains on the market, in recent years, coated shading curtains are very popular, the material of coated shading curtains is relatively special, with a very good shading effect, however, many people will worry that coated shading curtains will endanger our health, in fact, is this really the case?
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The shutter, which is delayed by its appearance, is so excellent.

The structure of the window is like a natural "interface" between the interior and the outside of the house, reflecting each other's scenery all the time.
And curtains, as one of the basic components, become an important organ between the two, opening and closing, showing graceful grace.
In other words, curtains not only bear the function, but also determine the taste and style of the window area.
Therefore, it is very particular about its choice.

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